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Today started at 11am. I was woken up by my Mother calling to see if I wanted to go out for lunch with my Gran. I agreed and met them at my Gran's place. The 109 on the wall was painted there by my Mother about 45 years ago, it's kinda stuck:

As per usual (almost a daily thing now) we went to Bardill's Garden Centre. I had a turkey dinner with stuffing and a stupid amount of vegetables. Cauliflower, swede, broccoli, cabbage, parsnips, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes and green beans. But no carrots. Cooked carrots are filthy things.

So, when the eating was done we moved onto the shopping. The Garden Centre's and odd place. The people, the plants the furniture:

See what I mean? I'm sure the people who make these things are ardent subscribers to strong narcotics. Anyways, whilst my Gran ate her ice-cream, dropping quite a lot of it on herself and ruining her glowing white on white ensemble, I took some photographs of her feet:

Photographs and ice-cream complete we drove to Basford where I found myself buying a suit. I had to go through the whole being measured experience. It was a little... unusual to say the least. The woman was friendly enough though and we ended up talking about the Rocky Horror show, men in drag and latex dresses. 30 minutes later my suit was ordered and it was time to buy shoes:

They kinda scream bowling but I think I like that. What I don't like is being followed by security guards. I know I tend to look like i'm about to do something bad but... hmmm, it pisses me off. Thus, duly pissed off, I left the girls in the shop whilst I went out to grab some demolition shots of th Sara Lee cheesecake factory next door:

Hmmm, bricky. So, yeah. Quite a busy day really. It was pretty sunny too. The heat was building all day and peaked tonight with a thunder storm which knocked out my PC... I was playing Alien vs Predator at the time. Weird and mildly annoying. I hadn't saved. Grrr.

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