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Losing My Favourite Game

K I double S I N G...

I've seen it in a fair few journals and I couldn't let it pass without having my say.

*ahem* So, the basic idea seems to involve writing 20 comments about your LJ friends and then see if they can spot themselves based on your opinion of them. I'm sure it's gonna lotsa fun:

1. You're great. You think beyond yourself and that makes you uber special. Plus, you're hot.

2. You need to realise that there's a world that doesn't revolve around you. But you're cute so I guess you can be forgiven.

3. I'd like to keep you in a box and play with your hair.

4. You look like my uncle.

5. You seem to have mental problem. Possibly a bi-polar disorder? Maybe you're just fucking nuts?

6. You seem totally sweet and I like that. I have your art on my walls.

7. I think you disappeared? You once gave me pizza advice. Where'd you go? *lifts the carpet*

8. I luff you! You're fab! You remind me of a 60's pin-up gurl. *Meow*

9. Shark's teeth! You keep shark's teeth in your pocket and you take cracking photos.

10. We met ages ago. Then we met again recently. You make me giggle because you're a bit mad. Or is it the world that's mad? Rawr!

11. You need to break out of yourself! Become the diva you so long to be!

12. Boobs and Stella! *gasp* Only one applicant fits the bill!

13. Unlucky for some? You never seem happy... which is a shame. I wonder why that is?

14. When are we getting that flat?

15. You're young. You have a lot of growing up to do. Maybe when you've got that done we'll talk again.

16. Psycho! Get away from my children!

17. Tank Girl. I didn't think anyone else liked Tank Girl. Let's get married!

18. Epic entries, epic chick. I'd like to get drunk with you...

19. Dahhhling! You're going to have to ditch the orange. *snigger*

20. I'm not sure why but you remind me of watching Dawson's Creek? Is that weird?

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