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A regular cupid...

The past 4 days of my life have been dominated by orcs, elves and the cunting undead! In other words i've been totally absorbed by: Warcraft III. Talk about time wasting gamage! I've no idea how many hours of my life have been poured into it and I have no clue how many more will follow... but then again who cares?! After all, in the words of the immortal Bruce Forsythe, it really is a: "Good game!"

Erm, well, that aside let's get morbid as we think about my cousin as she lays in her hospital bed. She had her knee removed two days ago and the bone cut away three inches above and an inch below. The cancer hadn't spread very far and the doctors say that they're pretty damn pleased with the results. I've yet to see her but i've been told she's as chirpy as ever. She says the new knee feels "a bit odd" but she'll "live with it." They've told her it's going to take at least six months to learn to walk again... damn.

Hey! Let's not be sad! After all: I smell love in the air!

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