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I'm blind! I've been reading in the garden and I can't see a bloody thing now! I can't see the keys but i'll try typing this anyway... The new Potter book's shaping up to be a quality read. It's strange though. It's been well over a year since I read the last one but as I start on the new one it seems like no time at all. It's like finding your favourite sweater in the back of the wardrobe; you've not worn it for ages yet it just feels right. The Potterverse is now so absolute in my mind that stepping back into it doesn't require any conscious effort as my eyes suck the words from the page.

Rowling's done a job and half too. Easing us back into Potter's life with a series of somewhat visual chapters that are seeding the grounds for what promise to be a cracking read! Right, back to it... but first: caffeine!

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