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Those fucking Christians...

I don't know if you're aware but my mother has chronic arthritis. She's tried all sorts of chemical treatments to control the pain but nothing really works in the long term. She's had lumber punctures, MRI's, bone scans, electro conductivity tests and every other prescribed method of diagnosis and treatment. None of it has helped.

Four years ago I was trained by the NHS to administer acupuncture as an alternative to pain medication. It's worked quite well but it's a bit of a hassle to be honest. I'm sure popping a pill would be simpler but i'm happy to do it none the less. Along with the acupuncture my mother was advised to seek out other complimentary forms of pain control. Things such as hypnotherapy, chiropractic and massage. She's done just that.

Last week my Grandma, the one with cancer, phoned to asked how my mum was doing. My mum told her that she'd just visited a masseur. Then my mother mentioned that the woman doing the massage was connected with reiki and aura reading... big fucking mistake!

This morning the post arrived. There was a big brown envelope with a barely legible scrawl on the front. It was from 'The Christians'. The envelope contained 10, count them, 10 pamphlets on the evils of alternative medicine. The pamphlets cover all aspects of alternative therapy and rip each one to shreds... in the nicest possible way.

I've never read a more opinionated pile of shite in my life. The 'facts' are mere supposition and the argument is given from a rather biased, white, middle class, standing and the facts about the various therapies change at random points: acupuncture is 100's of years old... no wait it's thousands. Health food is poisonous... but only some of it's poisonous. What the sweet fuck are these people on?!

They conclude that the main reason for not trusting alternate forms of therapy is that they're not quantifiable by modern scientific practice... and that you should pray to Jesus instead... erm. Christianity. That's your alternative to alternative therapy. With all seriousness they suggest that you should put your faith in the Lord to heal you.

Oh, right. I wasn't aware that Jesus had NHS backing?

Right, well, the pamphlets were bad enough. But no. They didn't stop there! They included a tape. A recording of a reformed therapist no less! Confessing her sins before God! It made me piss my pants! I bet they kidnapped a healer and took her to a darkened room and beat the confession out of her: Nazi style! The woman does not sound happy... or consensual.

The pamphlets come from the Reachout Trust. Honestly, these people are free to roam the streets. Something really has to done! Isn't psychosis the inability to define fact from fiction? A loss of actuality? There people are fucking psychotic! Read their web-page. Read it and weep!

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