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Get the fuck away from my car!

I went back to Kedleston Hall today. I've not been there in over a year and I figured it was high time that I make good use of my National Trust membership. So, I drove over there at about 2pm, I walked around for about 3 hours, took plenty of photos then returned, rather exhausted, to my car. Returned to find a dozen sheep asleep around it. Big, fat sheep. I guess it's my own fault really for parking underneath such a big tree. Sheep aren't alogether stupid and obviously realised that sleeping under the shade of the tree was definitely a good thing. Unfortunately they failed to account for my car.

So, what to do. Sheep blocking my door and sheep making it impossible to drive away. Well, there's only one option really: I had to chase them away. Ever tried to wake a sheep? It's not alogether a fun thing to be doing, especially on such a hot day. You move one of the bastard things and then move onto the next only to find that the original sheep is back asleep when you turn around. Funny stuff in retrospect but a nightmare in actuality. Anyways, to mark the occassion I made this desktop. I think you'll agree that it's quite the most beautiful thing ever.

I'm off to collapse under my tree and drink tea.

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