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I'm back. I'm all hairy and rather browner than I was when I left. The weather was great, the beer was good, the music rawked.

I'm mildly pissed off that I only got to hear one track by Ash but the fact I heard Tim announce that they're just finishing the next album and they promise that it won't be poo this time was compensation enough.

Other goodness came it the form of Skin from Skunk Anansie holding a guy down front to her breast whilst she crooned a rather hungover audience into a state of frenzy. Oh, and rather classically she screamed: How you doing Cheltenham! Whereupon everyone in the crowd looked rather confused about the fact they were actually standing in Chelmsford. Bless her.

Coldplay were naturally great; as were the Chilis. Queens of the Stone Age were playing a crowd that had never heard of them :/ and that bird from Morcheeba made me snigger when she became concerned that we were taking photos of her fanny. Hell, that dress was kinda fly-away.

Other highlights included: Gem puking up her Sweet and Sour chicken, £3 for beer, monkey people, sun, lots of tight-tanned-flesh, pringles, hugs from Austrailians, ass cracks, white socks, wedgies and airbeds.

Low-points included: Essex twats, Hoorah Henrys, festival toilets, people eating garlic, fire, missing Ash, carrying stuff, £3 for beer, cold burgers, lack of caffeine and my camera battery not holding out.

I managed to get a few good shots for you to drink in but as I said the battery died pretty early on. Sorry about that. I was thinking of getting myself a new mini-cam but I'm massively overdrawn as it is so it'll just have to wait.

Speaking of which, I'm off to the job centre. I've been signing on a year today. I'm due for an interview at 2pm where we shall discuss the possibilty of me starting some kind of New Deal venture. I'm sure I could run a business. Something along the lines of teaching art? Maybe something gallery based? Who knows. Maybe just a grant to get a bit of studio space.
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