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::If I'm not quite understanding this, then please feel free to correct me::

A lot of people come to my site solely to look at photos of my face. That's all fair enough, I have a webcam for exactly that purpose. Some of those people like to touch themselves whilst looking at said photographs. Again that's fine, I like touching myself too, and it's a perfectly natural thing to be doing... But. A few of those people then decide that they need to know things about me; personal things, and that's where I become confused.

I get emails from teenage girls asking if I prefer blonde haired girls or dark haired girls. Then I get emails from gay men asking if I like cock, and whether I like to be bum fucked.

It's at this point I ask myself: does it matter who I am, or what I like? Will it really make your 'experience' better knowing that I'm your type of guy? Honestly, I'm thoroughly perplexed by it all. Say, for example, that we shared similar tastes in instant noodles, does that information make your life a happier, fuzzier place to be? Does it provide some kind of hope, when ultimately we'll never even be in the same room?

I know it sounds kind of terrible when I write it down, but I really am curious. Anyways, your thoughts would be appreciated. In the mean time I'd like you all to consider me as your personal Kinder Bueno :D
Tags: psychology of the internet

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