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Beep Beep, Eddie!

Yeah, so I got lots 'n' lots of emithers following the last post but one. Some of them not very nice, others marginally better. You'll know which catagory you fall into because I've written back to all the people I didn't consider fuck-witted. All the people who didn't get a reply should maybe go away now. Or at the very least sit quietly in the corner.

Anyways, I've decided that maybe I was a little bit harsh. Maybe it's only fair to expect people to want to know all the stuff I don't want to tell them. Maybe it's okay to run an egotistical site that waffles on about 'The Me' all the time. Who knows. Those are just some of the ideas put forward by you, 'The People'.

In my own mind I've formulated a cunning plan. I'll update the About Me page. I'll add in all the inane details you could ever possibly want to read... and then some.

Someone I dearly lust after wrote to say that my life is like 'Uninvited' by Alanis Morisette. It's a bit of a chick song, but I totally get what you mean. Wanna fuck?
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