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Yellowed Frenzy...

I mentioned wasps earlier on today on the tag board. They're fascinating little things which today became even more of a curiosity. Let me tell you why.

I'd just finished eating my dinner this afternoon, a dinner which in part was comprised of sausages, and i'd decided to give a small amount of sausage meat to the cats. Grey cat was already in the room with me so I went outside to hunt for the black one. I found him nestled in the porch way of the front door and gave him the meat. I left and thought nothing more of it.

A few hours later I noticed that he was still sitting there and I decided to ask him if he fancied coming in. I opened the door and my eyes instantly fell to the sausage meat and the cloud of wasps swarming around it. I grabbed the cat and shut the door. Then the camera called to me... I swear that thing'll be the death of me one day.

Anyway, when I returned to the porch there were only two wasps left but their actions were wholly fascinating. They were butchering the meat, hacking into 1cm chunks and flying away with it to God knows where. As I started to snap away with the camera I began to wonder what exactly they were going to do with all this meat. Eat it? Are wasps carnivores? Maybe they'd be using it as a building material. Constructing some sort of sausage meat palace in some distant woodland. Who knows. All I knew was that their precision cutting and their ability to lift massive weights was bloody awesome:

click for 500 x 375

I don't know if these images do them justice but the shots were a little tricky to capture. I'm actually quite upset that I didn't manage to get one as they actually lifting the meat because it truly was an impressive sight.
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