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Gone Forever...

Well, it seems like forever since I sat here and wrote something... whereas in reality it's actually only been two days; or three by the time I finish writing this. I suppose the lack of sleep and the 'hangover time' might've played a part in my whole sensation of extended absence.

I've been quite busy. Most of the time having been devoted to perfecting Andy and Jill's wedding photos. The wedding photos and this:

I found it tucked away on my old hard drive and summarily rescued it. It's a sketch that I started about 11 years ago but never actually had the time to finish. I figured that it was about time I pulled my finger out. The above image is only a small sample of the entire piece but as you can, hopefully, tell there's a lot of effort going into it. A lot of effort and a lot of time.

I've not been sleeping either. I was still up at five am yesterday and was worried that I might actually lose my mind by seven. Then I passed out till ten and 'woke up' feeling shitty.

Right, I'm going back to the art. I like the art.
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