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I need to tidy up...

I've been a bit busy today. I collected my travel insurance documents which means I'm now covered for worldwide travel over the next year. I collected my repeat prescription and headed over to the pharmacy to cash it in. Mmmm, drugs. Next it was grocery shopping for the family, and might I just say that it was spiffy-tastic! I love mixing with the masses.

So, yeah, quite busy. The thing I want to know though. The thing I find really weird is why people talk to me. I don't mean that I'd like the world to fuck off and leave alone or anything, it's just that people tend to talk to me. The woman in the travel agent waffled about America to me for 20 minutes despite the fact that I'd specifically told her that I was going to Prague.

In the pharmacy I was treated to a story about my brother being a bit of a bastard by the mother of one of his school friends. And the super market! I don't even want to discuss the super market, because old people are evil and will drone on at you forever if you show even the slightest spark of interest.

Is that what it is? People might be mistaking that glazed over look in my eyes for a look of interest? I just nod vapidly as their words wash over me leaving me to think about red squishy things and fluids that are out of place... Mmmm, that's fascinating.
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