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Mr. Rabbit Fell Down...

I'm tired. So very tired. As is happily reflected in the current cam pic, entitled: "Very Tired". My mother woke me up at 4am with the news that my gran had taken a turn for the worse. We've been with her since then. The doctor grudgingly arrived at 5am and asked my gran if she wanted to go into hospital, which she didn't. At 8am I went out to fetch her a prescription of liquid morphine and Tramadol.

She's quite a pitiful sight. The meds aren't really touching the pain, but they're taking the edge off it and making her sleep so I guess that's a good thing.

My dad comes home tomorrow. I'll have to fetch him from Birmingham International at about 6am-ish; which should be fun.

This weekend isn't shaping up to be much fun. I've compensated by creating a new friend called Boots. He's a butler. Only I can see him. Which is probably for the best.
Tags: boots, grandmother

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