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Yay! I just got home from shopping! I had to buy a 'Last Will and Testament' kit and a spill-proof baby sip cup. The woman on the checkout looked at me funny... I can't blame her though, even by my standards, it's an odd combination.

Anyways, I'm going to set about writing my Gran's will tonight, and I'll get the witnesses to sign it tomorrow. A few days ago my Gran told me that she didn't want my Aunt or Uncle getting their hands on anything from her house. Not that she's got anything worth looting, but I can see where she's coming from. So, when the Will's complete, the whole lot's going to my Mother, and she can sort it all out from there.

I hate my Aunt. She's a truly hideous creature. She hasn't been near my Gran for ten months, and so my Mother's been left to cope with everything by herself. Ten very long months.

She recently re-surfaced after hearing that my Gran was dying. It's a pitiful attempt to allay her guilty conscience, but the bitch knows she's scum. Sycophantic scum. I almost punched her the other night when she turned up at the door with her fake smiles, spouting her mindless, self-absorbed crap.

My Mother and I agreed that we'd put up with it for my Gran's sake. The last thing she needs in her last few days is any added stress. So we've agreed to hold it all inside until my Gran's gone. Afterwards... well, the bitch deserves everything she's going to get; or not get. I think that's why my Gran wants to write the will; it's her way of telling the family what she really thinks about them.

Imagine how that'd feel.
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