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Satan's Night Club

Last night I dreamed that I'd been invited to a night club; Satan's night club. I made my way there, but hesitated outside as I could see his silhouette within. I had to summon all of my courage before I could step inside the cavernous entrance and the seething blackness therein...

This is where I'll sign off about the details of the dream. Aside from saying that the rest of it was pretty filthy... all under the behest of the Dark Lord, of course.

Anyways, a few hours ago, I was sitting watching 'The Return of the King', and the scene where Aragorn has to step through the archway came on. My brain suddenly burst into frantic, sticky-visioned life, and the once forgotten dream played out in full as I stared blank and slack-jawed at the screen.

Weird coincidence.
Tags: dream, satan

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