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[ the goat fish ]

Twenty seven years ago I came into the world. Today's my Birthday...

I'm always careful to point out that I wasn't actually born until five minutes to three in the morning. My Birthday doesn't start until then, at least by my standards. You can tell me that it's my Birthday after Midnight but the Capricorn in me would stubbornly refute it.

Twenty seven years... It sounds like a long time when you write it down but my tenure as me seems to have gone by in a flash. The experiences, both good and bad, have come thick and fast but I think that I can honestly say that i'm just about happy with the way things have turned out.

The Fates may have deigned to deal me a pretty bizarre hand but, thus far, it's made for an interesting game. Moreover, despite how tough things might've been, i've managed to maintain the perfect poker face :\
Tags: 27, birthday

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