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[ good news :question mark: ]

The receptionist at the vet just told us that the cat's doing fine. The blood test came back clear and apparently the little fellow's quite perky.

That all sounded fantastic! And then...

Then I went on to ask if the cat was male or female. There was no answer. *cue rustle of papers* No one knew. Apparently during the thorough examination no one had bothered to check. Now, is it just me or does that seem a bit odd. Either way it's kinda hampered my positive mood somewhat.

The cat now gets to spend the next seven days in semi-quarantine before it's sent on the RSPCA for re-housing. When asked if we wanted to house the cat I had to say no.

The parents don't want to keep it. I'd have it in a flash but it's not my house so it's not my decision.

after thought:: how do I acquire a house inside seven days?

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