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[ that fucking rock city ]

Tonight is Saturday. Saturday means Rock City. It has done since I was a tiny boy.

Tonight, however, City became a bit shit and it all revolved around the subject of money... I took three shiny ten pound notes out of the cash machine tonight. I noticed at the same time that I was quite poor.

I arrived at Rock City and handed over one of the ten pound notes to pay for my entrance. At this point my student card was regarded as 'out of date' meaning that there was no discount on the entry. The entry fee was five pounds. Upon almost handing me my five pounds change the woman on the counter noticed that I had a Rock City membership card. This was a good thing; meaning that the entry price was a mere three pounds.

Now, here comes the problem. Instead of giving me seven pounds change she gave me two pounds. Even in my drunken state I knew something was wrong. I said that i'd originally given her ten pounds. She was confused and said that she was new here tonight and didn't actually recall what i'd given her. In the end we agreed that I should come back at the end of the night. If the cash register was 'up' when the totals had been tallied then it would be obvious that I was over-charged.

*four hours pass*

I return to the counter to find that they've just finished cashing up. It turns out that they are, in fact, quite a bit 'up' on the takings for the night. I explain once again what happened. It seems quite reasonable to the woman behind the counter. But, naturally, there's an argument.

Instead of telling me that the float's 'up' quite a bit and handing my cash they told me that the float's loaded and that I can fuck off...

Arguing for twenty minutes did jack shit. And can you imagine how rationally I argue? Even when drunk I simply stated what happened and expected a rational response.

This wasn't to be.

Not only could they not give me my cash back but they couldn't tell me who I had to contact over the matter. They wouldn't give me their names, despite one of them being the manager and they wouldn't give me any telephone numbers of the relevant people to contact.

Now, I know it's only five pounds (that's, what, twelve bucks), but that's not the point. I did what they asked. I came back after cashing up and I spoke to the same woman who originally served me. Then, after some thought, I was told to fuck off.

Now is it me or is that just about enough to piss anyone off? After all, i'm just the customer. I'm probably too drunk to recall what happened when I handed over my cash.

I know. On reflection, this sounds petty. But I hate being in situations like this. I hate not being able to do anything.

If they did it to me then imagine how any other people they did it to. Hence them being 'up' on the float.

God, damn! It's five pounds yet it was enough to fuck up the entire evening. Seems stupid on reflection... but valid none-the-less.

Grrr, i'm right pissed off.

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