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Who knows where the time goes

Lastly I'd like to announce that i'm losing my mind. It's been good to me over the years but it's finally had enough and decided to take the next ferry to the mainland. I think i'll miss it but i'm undecided as to exactly why that is. Maybe I'll learn all over breakfast.

William Willett stopped by. He took some time out from the grave and arrived at my place with a crazy sounding deal. All I had to do was sacrifice one hour of my life to him and in exchange he promised i'd become a healthier and happier me. I didn't really know what to make of it all, I could detect a definite Faustian taint, but he had that 'I really need this sale' kinda look about him so, grudgingly, I signed up. On his way out he pointed out that i'd need to reset the vcr and the phone... oh, and the tv and microwave. I was surprised about the microwave.

Isn't it strange, now that I'm free to travel the only place I want to be is right here. I think that when she died a small part of me went along with her; ya know, for the ride. The parts that are left behind are finding it tough to adjust. Like her tv. I can't tune that in properly for shit; it's all glowy edges and poor contrast. It's terribly harsh on the eyes and trying to make sense of the broadcast is an absolute nightmare.

It's almost enough to make you wanna switch the damn'd thing off.
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