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Within the woods

Starting out eating a delicious meal of 'pork' with the parental units my night swiftly turned into a trip into Nottingham to eat vodka and coke. This was good. Conversation somehow (namely via Kevan) turned to the now deserted borstal which lies within Bluebell Woods, Bramcote.

Conversation then turned into action and after a hearty bowl of chips and ketchup we headed off into the night... accompanied by both a full moon and Michael Jackson's 1984 classic: 'Thriller'.

The walk was tough going. Pathways ended in fences, fences gave way to voids of blackness, voids which even the mighty penlight couldn't penetrate. It was after much stumbling through various fences and hedgerows we decided that the blind-sighted foray into the unknown was a bad idea.

Okay, so the echoes of the screaming people was the real reason we turned tail and ran but if I typed that then i'd look like a big girly! So, anyways, yeah. We decided that after proper planning we'd try again... or something. The plan includes me going back up there tomorrow so I can scout the area by daylight

Hmmm, truth be told, I had a mild wibble in my tummy about the whole affair from the get go. So much so that I decided to record my last will and testament on the digi-cam. You should be able to see it here. I'd like to emphasise the see part because my camera chose not to record any audio. Which was good of it.

Right, I've given up trying to find the name of that song. And thusly I'm going to bed. I had a job application to fill in for tomorrow and I want to get it delivered bright and early.

Tags: booze, kev, stij, video, woods

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