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[ telling it how it is ]

Me: Morning.
Parents: We're buying a Mitsubishi!
Me: Huh?! A Mitsubishi what?
Parents: A 4x4! It's the Shogun Pinin.
Me: ...
Parents: We're thinking of getting it in black.
Me: ...
Parents: We're test driving one today...
Me: ... erm. Don't you think you're a bit old?
Parents: What?!
Me: Well, will you still be able to drive that in ten years time?
Parents: Well...
Me: I'm not being horrible. It's just that... surely you should be thinking of a more practical car.
Parents: ...

Honestly. I wasn't just being a deliberate cunnus. My Mother suffers from osteo-arthritis and can barely drive a normal car. Climbing in and out of a Shogun isn't going to be the easiest of tasks for her over the coming years.

Weird. You'd have thought they'd learned their lesson on impulse buying when they 'purchased' the BMW last year. They lost their deposit because they changed their minds at the very last moment.

Hmmm, now I come to think of it, it was exactly this time last year that we went through the BMW fiasco. A few days before my Mother's Birthday...

Damn these people are their cyclic behaviour patterns! Damn them to Norwich!

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