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Qualadron Death Ray

An excerpt from my dream: I surveyed the smouldering pile of flesh which, merely seconds before, had been a 'person'. A person armed with the most impressive bit of sci-fi weaponry I've seen in a very long time!

The gun, I presumed, had been aimed in my general direction and the wielder had pulled the trigger. A colourful energy ribbon had issued from the weapon and its tendrils wrapped around me, engulfing me in their warmth. All was bright. All was light. All was warm.

The snap back to the harsh, cold ground was quite a jolt. Wearily I gained my feet and glanced around. Here we see the smouldering pile of flesh again. I look very confused at this point.

From the nearby flora a man appears with a rather stupid grin on his face. His face is that of a bear. "Damn, those Qualadron assassins!" he grins, "They're getting good!"

"Assassin?" I bleat. "What the Hell?"

The bear man smiles and says: "Oh, you'll be right in a second. Those Death Rays pack a bit of a temporal shift with them."

"Death ray?!" At this point I find myself sitting down. "You mean he just..."

Grin. "Yup! He gots you with a Death Ray!"

The way the bear man grins is beginning to bother me.

"They've been after you for months now," he continues. "That's the fourth they've dispatched. Those damn crazy Qualadrons."

I'm standing. "But he got me. Shouldn't I be dead?"

"Ah, that's the flaw in the Qualadron Death Ray. It only kills Qualadrons."

The bear man is examining the person-puddle. He is pulling a painful face and, somehow, remains grinning the whole time.

"Isn't that a bit stupid?" I ask.

"They're not a very bright species. Oh sure, they can build Death Rays and have mastered inter-stellar transit, but they're not all that quick to learn."

The bear man kicks the smouldering Qualadron. "They sends their assassins out on solo missions see, and the Death Ray is powered by the assassins own vital force. As you can see that doesn't leave much for the askin'."

"But again, isn't just plainly stupid."

I'm aware that I'm wearing a robe and I have bare feet. The bear man has walked to stand next to me.

"I guess they just assume their missions are a success," he grins.

"Hmmm. I suppose."

"You needs some liquor! Something to settle your nerves."

The bear man has put arm around me and urges me toward the flora. "You've got important business to be dealing with later. We can't have you all shook up."

"I suppose not," I muse.

I'm aware that I'm being taken back to a camp in the centre of the woodlands. I'm aware that I'm dreaming and I can't help but think how very 'Ewok' this whole thing is...
Tags: aliens, death ray, dream, qualadron

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