RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

[ just stapleford ]

Just nip down the road and pay this bill. This was the simple request made by the slothful parental units.

Nothing is ever simple. Here's a few reasons why:

The breeders around here need learn the wonders of car pooling. That way there wouldn't be several hundred of the cunts blocking every road from here to the town centre. But I guess that's the joy of having five schools within spitting distance of the house.

Old people should not be on the roads. When you have no idea what the road markings mean then you should stay the fuck out of your car. When you can't even see the road markings then you really do need shooting.

People who park in the centre of town deserve to get their cars driven in to. Hell, the old dear driving the attacking vehicle probably couldn't even see the car was parked there.

Children need a fucking thrashing. That or they need to be shown videos of kids being hit by cars. That way they won't even think about running out into the road when you're less than a metre away from them.

Shoppers need to attend stores alone. Especially given the size of the stores in our town. Did you really need to bring your husband a four screaming cuntlings out for the adventure? No. Either tie them up outside or leave them at home.

Banks need to work differently. Customers should be served according to age; one lane for pensioners, one for normal people. Whilst kindly 'Mr. Smith', aged 67, was talking about the lovely weather and the state of his garden, the queue behind him could've been served five times over. The bank, like the stores, is tiny. Having twenty other people squished up against you whilst you're listening to Smith's plans for the weekend is not my idea of fun.

The Council needs to put in some crossings as there simply aren't enough. Which probably explains why children are doing death races every thirty seconds. The Council might also consider putting in a few more 'one way' streets. This could solve a thousand of the congestion problems in a flash.

People. In general people need to learn how to think. It's not asking for much really. A little more cognitive exertion would surely be a benefit to everyone.

On the plus side it rained. Which meant I got to test the blades on my wipers. They're super spiffy and make a sexy 'slish-slish' sound...

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