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Wasn't it Angelina Jolie who had 'know your rights' branded on herself recently. I couldn't agree more. Although I probably wouldn't want it stamped on my ass...

Regardless, today I received the following text message:

'This message is free. Welcome to the new & improved Sex & Dogging club! To unsubscribe from this service reply STOP. msgs@150p 18+only'

Erm, excuse me? Sex and what? What the hell's dogging? Thankfully the bbc told me. Good old beeb.

So, i'm signed up for a club for people who like to have sex in public. Signed up for said club and am going to be charged £1.50 for each and every message you send me.

I don't think so.

I began by considering the unsubscribe option. This would cost me ten pence and might not guarantee a termination of service. More than likely it would confirm my phone number and lead to dozens of similar messages, each costing me money. No this was the way to go.

Instead of replying I forwarded the message to my service provider; Orange. This is done quite simply, and freely, by forwarding to 7726. I felt better. But not totally better. In fact, I still felt quite annoyed. So I reported the issue to ICSTIS.

ICSTIS turn out to be quite nice. They confirmed my complaint as being valid and said it is being looked into. They then passed me on to the TPS.

The TPS are an organisation who protect an individuals privacy. Not only do they add your phone details to a protected list but any bugger who violates your position on the list will be slapped - legally. After signing up with them I also signed up for MPS which provides a similar service for postal SPAM.

Overall i've had a very productive hour all sparked by one bizarre little text message.

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