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[ what goes thump thump thump bump crack ]

Why that'd be the sound of my Mother falling down the stairs. Yup, it finally happened. Whilst stepping over black cat, who always sleeps at the head of the stairs, she went arse over tit and landed in a heap a the bottom.

The stairs are pretty steep and lack any form of handrail. Worse still they end in a wooden floor which I imagine would hurt a fair bit if you hit it at speed.

Thankfully she doesn't seem to have done too much damage. Her wrist looked a bit funny though. Kind of pointing in the wrong direction and such but she seemed more shocked than anything.

Almost as shocked as the cat; who knew he was in for a whole heap of trouble so went and hid in my cupboards... the little bastard.

We've said time and time again that he'll cause an accident one day. I think it's been his plan all along...
Tags: black cat, falling down the stairs, mother

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