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you woke me up to do what...

Being woken up to take photographs of a dead magpie is the way every day should start. Honestly, if that's not a sign and portent of doom I really don't know what is.

"One's for Death, two's for Mirth.
Three's for Marriage, Four for Birth.
Five's for Silver, Six for Gold.
Seven's a secret ne'er to be told.
Eight's for the Heavens, Nine for the Hells.
Ten's the Devil his very own sel'."

The \\
Last Cigarette:some guy in Rock City gave me one... and a cigarette too
Last Alcoholic Drink:Sunday morning at roughly 3am
Last Car Ride:Sunday morning at roughly 11am
Last Kiss:Snoggy kiss? Ages ago. Random female in Rock City.
Last Good Cry:About two weeks ago. Watching Jen die in Dawson's Creek. It brought back a lot of memories from last year.
Last Library Book:Flash 4 - become an expert in ... oh, my God! I'm looking at a coding book. Somebody hurt me.
Last book bought:A Hat Full of Sky - Terry Pratchett
Last Book Read:The Truth - Terry Pratchett
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Last Movie Rented:Dead End? Can't remember, it's been such a long time.
Last Cuss Word Uttered:Fuck
Last Beverage Drank:Diet Coke
Last Food Consumed:Chicken in a cheese and bacon sauce
Last Crush:This morning. I woke up face down and found that i'd crushed my nuts...
Last Phone Call:Fucking phones are tools are the Devil! No, worse! They're tools of the Christians!
Last TV Show Watched:The Smoking Room on BBC 3
Last Time Showered:This morning at roughly 1am
Last Shoes Worn:New Rock boots. The big ones.
Last CD Played:What, actual CD? Erm... the last mp3's I played were from the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles album.
Last Item Bought:Salt 'n' Vinegar KP nuts.
Last Download:Aeon Flux: one of six
Last Annoyance:Being woken up to take photos of a dead magpie.
Last Disappointment:Waking up.
Last Soda Drank:Three seconds ago...
Last Thing Written:I I I I I I I I... wait, must break the cycle...
Last Key Used:The 'full stop' or the 'period' key. Or the sign of Kish which opens up the minds of mortal men...
Last Words Spoken:Hello, Black Cat.
Last Sleep:About an hour ago.
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Last Night at roughly 1am
Last Chair Sat In:This one. It's brown and has holes in it.
Last Webpage Visited:YourMommaAndMaHorse.com

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Tags: dead things, magpie, survey

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