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Another rude awakening

I got home at about 4am. I was woken up at 8.30am with the news that my brother had been in an accident. I was then instructed to head down to the site of the crash and take some photos... for insurance purposes and such:

[ gallery ]

Those with keener eyes will have noticed that the building directly next to my brother's car is indeed a Police Station. Having noticed this you may have also have noticed that his front wheel is, indeed, down an open manhole. You'll notice that the car itself is partially blocking the main crossroads of the village causing a backlog of traffic. You'd have to agree that the lamp post he's collided with is looking a little shaky. All in all a bit of a bad situation really. So, here's one question for you to ponder: where the hell were the Police?

Hmmm. My brother's in the hospital at the moment. I'll update you on the details later...
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