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is it smiling at us, mr croup

NHS hospitals are... interesting. If you're not snapped, bleeding or visibly dead then you can expect to wait at least four hours before anyone will so much as speak to you. However, if you should be lucky enough to be snapped, bleeding or visibly dead then you're guaranteed to see someone... after a brief four hour respite, naturally.

My brother was supposed to wait around for a chest x-ray but after the first few hours decided that 'couldn't be bothered' and went home. A bit stupid considering that he hit the steering wheel... on account of him not wearing a seatbelt... which again seems a bit on the retarded side. Hmmm, I think there's a lesson to be learned here, kids.

Regardless, he's as okay as I suppose he's ever going to be. Which is good news... of a sort.

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