RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
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[ check out this cock smear ]


So, after poking around my private directories they decide to play hypocrite and harp on about the preservation of privacy. Is it just me or...

Not only that, but the fucker then links directly to the pages and provides a clear entryway into the files for God knows how many other people. Erm, dosn't that seem a little backward, given your previous arguement. Doesn't that seem like someone who's not dealing from the full deck.

Honestly, you people need to engage some brain before you romp on home with your self-righteous shite. Ask a fucking question. Or would you rather just have a pissy little strop and glow in your own self-satisfaction. Yeah, I figured that to be case. You're the very reason that Jesus invented the term fuck-wit...
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