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The past few days have been a blur of books, art and pandas. This glorious combination has lead to a series of late nights and very early mornings... and a general fuzziness concerning the whole Time thing.

Last night a fell to sleep at about... this morning. About six this morning if you're keen on numbers. I began to dream about visiting a mobile dentist who plied his trade from the back of an ice-cream truck. He told me that the damage caused by my tongue piercing wasn't that bad, the pain would subside soon and that I didn't really need any treatment. Thanking him I exited the truck to find myself in the grounds of a temple in Thailand.

The dream then became terribly boring and turned in to visions of crawling through crypts and tunnels in search of a diamond; as you do. Fast forwarding through the general dullness of the tunnel-running, let's instead shift to the finding the diamond scene followed by the exiting of the underground temple. It's night in the grounds now and a stream of daemonic winged-beasts are charging my way. At this point I decided that enough was enough. Sometimes you just have to draw a line. I chose to invoke His name.

The thunder was deafening. The sound reverberated through the dream and shivered into the waking world. I sat bolt upright in bed and stared at the nasty looking mark on my window then looked down to see it lying there on the bonnet of my car:

Yeah, pretty ain't it. From where I was sleeping it hit about a foot away from my head then tumbled to a sudden and sticky death.

Truth be told the whole series of events is a bit disconcerting.
Tags: blood, dead things, omen, photo, portent

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