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Okay I watched SAW yesterday and I mentioned that it left me thinking. Here's exactly what I was pondering...

*warning potential SAW spoilery stuff*

Okay, let's begin the tour:

What was the point of it all? What I mean is: why the Doc and why Zep. The reasons for picking them made no sense in the scheme of things; Zep especially. Okay, the Doc was screwing around behind his wife's back but how is that not appreciating life. It's more over-appreciation. Now let's focus on Zep. Explain that to me. Was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time or was he picked purely because he didn't get along with the Doc. Again this doesn't fit in with the Dying Guy's 'rules'.

How did Dying Guy keep still for so long? How come he didn't breathe or twitch or... anything. The doctor was originally distracted by his circumstances but as he began to focus wouldn't he have noticed that the guy was actually alive. Even if Dying Guy had self-administered a tranquilizer he would've been breathing and farting and stuff...

Who was the guy with the key in his guts? I really can't remember if the Police covered that aspect in the re-telling. I'm pretty sure they didn't. Who was he and what did he do to get himself pumped full of codeine. [I'm asking this purely because I'd quite like to be pumped full of codeine... again]

What about Drill Guy? You know, the one strapped to the chair in the warehouse. Who was he and what did he do. Where did he fit into the whole puzzle.

Speaking of puzzles. What the fuck were the jigsaw pieces all about? Where were they in the end? Did they forget that they'd put that part in or were they just hoping the audience had forgotten by that point. Oh, but wait wasn't the Dying Guy referred to as 'Jigsaw' ... so... erm, why?

Okay, that aside; what's wrong with being a photographer? Jesus, they boiled it down to him being voyeuristic but that's just a pants excuse for including him in the story. They just wanted an excuse to include that scene with the flash-gun.

Why are the Police always so crap? Why didn't they shoot the guy when they had the chance. I know I would've done and I'm pretty sure the real Police would've done too... in the leg at the very least...

Hmmm, okay, so that's about it. Oh, except to say that this film isn't another Se7en. Se7en was cleverly thought through and 'the villain' followed a definite pattern and scheme. SAW was all over the place and left too many loose ends, plot-holes and pointless side-tracks.

Still, I kinda liked it. It was a refreshing change from the usual stuff that's been churned out of late. I didn't like the headache it left me with but that aside from that it was visually appealing. Possibly a little too much? Was I the only one left thinking 'flashy music video'...

Hmmm. Anyways, I need to stop typing right about now.
Okay, so I'm done ranting for now. I'm off to Tesco to buy something chickeny. I've been having urges for KFC all night but I think I'll try and find something less... greasy.

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