RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

on the way to france

We were meant to leave the lower school at 3am but the bus didn't bother to arrive until 7am. When we finally set off the journey turned out to be okay and I didn't feel as sick as I thought I would.

We ended up getting on the ferry at Dover instead of New Haven and I had time to exchange my money and get some food. Then it was time to get on the ferry.

The crossing was good, the only problem was Claire not letting anyone near the edge because she was scared they would fall overboard.

We arrived at Calais then we had a coach journey to Dieppe. A short while later we arrived ath the hostel and everyone was totally shattered.

At dinner we all sat around the table looking at the feast of bread and tomato in the middle of the table. After fifteen minutes we thought that was all we were getting but fortunately it wasn't. We ended up having beefburger and chips which we all devoured.

The desert was a kind of nasty custard tart. No one ate it.

At bed time I fell straight to sleep, even though Paul wouldn't shut up.
Tags: france, george spencer

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