RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell


Today was the excursion to Dieppe. In the morning we did project work and in the afternoon we went swimming. There was a slight mix up in the swimming baths so we went from one to another but eventually found the right one. In the end we ended up going to the beach until the baths were free.

On the beach Claire poured sand down the back of Louise's top which really upset her. I comforted her by tipping water down there too.

When we finally arrived at the baths I was glad because I had the chance to wash the sand from my own back!

Everyone enjoyed swimming, especially me. Even if Lousie did try to remove my shorts.

After swimming and walking we were all starving. The packed lunch that day was something pale swimming in mayonnaise which we didn't eat. By dinner time that night we didn't care that we were eating cold salami with ham and peas. That was followed by natural yogurt. Which no one but me ate.

After dinner we talked for a while before going to bed. We were making plans for the show. They involve stealing Miss Tytler's night gown.
Tags: dieppe, france, george spencer

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