June 19th, 2002


Pussy Hunt -

I've just spent the past hour hunting for one of my cats. It's hot as hell here so I figured he'd probably fallen asleep somewhere, so I used the promise of food to lure him home... to no avail. I tried calling him - but still no joy. So I started hunting for him. All the usual spots around the house and garden but not a whisker. Very odd...

I left it for another half an hour and tried the food thing again. Still no response. So now I was concerned. You usually only need to open the food cupboard and they're both sitting there waiting expectantly... I called him again. Went around the garden checking in the bushes. Then came back into the house and searched again... it was then that I spotted a 'lump' in one of the beds. A rather cat-like lump. I pulled back the covers and the little bastard was sat there blinking at me making this kinda *prrrp* noise to highlight his disgust at being woken up. I can't believe his gall! Sleeping in the damn bed! He even got all arsey with me when I tried to move him.

Is it just me or have we been too soft on these cats?
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