July 26th, 2002


Cosmic Designs -

Well, Summer's back in full force in Nottingham. Today has been so damn hot. I've been sitting in the garden all day painting and drawing. I'm working on a piece I started 2 years ago when I was still in uni. It's massive! Well actually it's more like 250 cm by 150 cm, so rather big if not actually massive... erm, waffling. It was too big to finish whilst I still had the pressure of course deadlines so I put it to one side and finally picked it back up today. It's a bit like the map from Time Bandits with lots of detailed mathematical details:

Trust me; it's great *sigh* Well, it's far too hot to sit infront of this damn machine much longer but I have one final matter to clear up: some cosmic cookies for the special space girl!