November 15th, 2002


The Movies -

Parry Hotter and the Voluminous Room of Abstruse Cryptographics (that's the UK name) was rather good. I thought the visuals were really quite stunning. Dobby. There's a prime example of what I had anticipated would end up being another irksome Jar-Jar Binks character. Not so. He was done so well. The way the light played on his skin and his 'sack'. The depth given to his eyes. The subtle non-verbal characteristics and twitches. By the end of the film I wanted one! Awww.

The whole filmed panned out rather well. It had a certain magic that the first film seemed to lack. Background touches that whilst not focused on in detail were there to provide an overall air of thaumaturgical charm to the whole affair. In my opinion, and that of the 30 slack-jawed kids sat near us, it was an enchanting movie.