November 27th, 2002



I went to Wal*Mart to get some photos printed. I happily uploaded the images to the in-store machine and arranged to pick them up in an hour. All very simple...

I spent an hour in the store. Doing 'stuff'. I ended up buying a basketball, a set of weights (the lifting variety), a jumper and some other random crap that I really didn't need. Well, the hour dragged by and I made my way back to the photo lab.

There was a small crowd waiting.

There was a small crowd of people staring at my prints. They'd only just come out of the machine and there was a gaggle of shop goons fawning all over them! Touching my prints with their filthy fingers! I couldn't believe it. I felt like such a twat going up to the desk to ask for them. To make it even worse one of the old hags let out a raucous cackle when she realised she'd been caught peeking.

I felt violated.
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