December 5th, 2002


Yawn -

Yesterday was a very long day. In the morning I fixed all the taps in the upstairs bathroom. I'm not sure when I became a qualified plumber but I seem to have done a good job.

Lunch took place in a restaurant/art gallery. I had red wine and tea because I refused to eat the massively over-priced artsy fartsy food.


After that I went to tend to my Grandmother's grave. She's been in the ground for a year now. Doesn't time fly. The grave was all muddy and turfed up from people trampling on it. Hmmm, a lovely thought when you consider that she's now part of that mud.

As I was leaving I bumped into my cousin, Claire. She was taking short-cut home through the Graveyard; something which I thought only happened in Hammer Horror movies. It's been a year since we last saw each other too. Naturally, I forced a photo out of her:

After parting ways I went off to get my hair cut, which was followed by a very itchy trip to Sainsbury's.

Too hungry to cook anything I decided to stop in at KFC and consume some battered bird flesh.

Ten minutes later I began to feel nauseous.

And then...