January 7th, 2003


Old People -

I was forced to sit in a small room with some old people today. Complete strangers. They were talking about the guys who sacrificed themselves in the recent suicide bombing. They were sitting there groaning on about how young people nowadays don't know the value of life. Whilst staring right at me the old guy said: You never heard of such things when I was a lad. You young people don't know you're born.

Too much.

Mouth took action before brain kicked in.

It came out something like this: You never heard of such things because you didn't have the technology we have nowadays. You didn't have the newspapers, television and radio that provides todays stream of 24 hour news. You were lucky if you knew what was going on locally let alone globally. Plus, you were all too busy waging war to care.

The next 5 minutes were spent in dead silence. It was great!