January 21st, 2003


I'm happy. No really...

Where has my energy gone? Where's my Oomph? My Ba-da-bing? I'll tell you where! It's been drained right outta me by the soul-sucking monstrosity that is the UK dole office. Ergh! I feel like shit after sitting in that place. But how else would I get my £102 every fortnight? Working? Sure, give me a job that won't leave me wishing I were dead on a daily basis and i'll work.

Do you work? What do you do? Are you happy doing what you do? No. Hmmm, you do realise that you're not going to be around for that much longer don't you? You do realise this is a one shot deal. One life. One run. No rehearsal.

They used to keep people in work by telling them that their reward was waiting in heaven. An honest days toil will reap much rewards when you get to the pearly gates! Erm, no. Not according to the Bible it won't. But then again most people were too dumb to read the fine print. Anyways, who believes in God nowadays? That's so last Millenium!

So what keeps you doing what you do? What keeps you where you are? Well, it's got to be the money, right? You have to have the money to pay the rent or the mortgage. You need food. You need a car. You need a bigger TV. But really, what's the point? When do you ever get to enjoy the things you've strived so hard to buy? Plus, why the hell did you buy them in the first place? Comfort? Little luxuries to make your free time a little more bearable? Do they work? Do they really make you happy?

Hmmm, happiness. What's that all about then? Well, it seems like hardly anyone's happy in 'todays world'. Maybe we just expect too much? I know for a fact I expected a lot more out of the world than what's currently on offer. I'm a big fish in a small puddle. Sure i'm happy enough in my puddle but somehow I want into the sea. Then again, when i'm in the sea where will I want to be next? Back in my puddle more than likely.

Does this read a little depressing? I'm sure that wasn't my aim. I don't really know why I wrote this? I guess i'm simply finding it hard to understand the purpose of the world and the ridiculous number of people that inhabit it. What's the point, Mr. Santi-Claws? What's it all about?
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