March 3rd, 2003


Gangs of Scummy Kids

Wherever you go nowadays there seems to be gangs of scummy kids hanging around outside breaking things. I went to the doctors this afternoon to collect a prescription and there was a gang of dirty kids hanging around the doorway hassling the pensioners. I drove down to Domino's tonight to collect a pizza and there were droves of scummy kids swarming around the shop front. Whilst I was in there they were banging on the window and screaming through the mailbox... it really pissed me off.

What's happened to kids, huh? They say it's boredom; that they don't have anything to do so they go out and make their own entertainment... Erm, there was jack shit to do when I was that age and yet we didn't act like these little bastards. We bought cheap booze and drank ourselves stupid in a field. Well, bought's maybe too strong a term. Acquired's more fitting. We acquired cheap booze.

Regardless, we didn't expect there to be entertainment for us. We didn't expect the world to be a big ole fun fest just waiting for us to go out and indulge. I think that's what annoys me so much. These kids are angry at the world because it's shit. But it's always been shit. Why should they expect anything else? Makes me wanna slap the shit out of them... grrrr.