March 24th, 2003


Cunning too...

Yup, not only literate but cunning. I knew the 'old ladies' comment would get you writing back. Although you didn't leave your email address. Damn.

Did you see the photos? Told you I take pictures of... stuff.
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Chorlton and the Wheelies? Sure. I have a few episodes of that on DVD. That's a new thing. It's like video tape recordings only... better.

So they warned you about the email thing, huh? Did they also tell you not to give out your credit card details? Let's hope not...
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    still chirpy

The aftermath

I have a Furby sitting on the desk next to me. It's staring right at me with it's vacant blue eyes... it's mouth's locked in a gleeful grin... i'm finding the experience mildly disconcerting.

Yet i'm too lazy to move it.

I think I might paint tomorrow. I'm thinking religious icons. Possibly in shades of terracotta.
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