April 10th, 2003


New Bones for Old

Ew, Dude! That's fucking grim! My cousin had a lump on her leg. They thought it was cancer. It was. But it's the type that forms around the bone, not in the bone. The lump appeared at the top of her calf some months ago and she had it scanned at the hospital. She had it scanned again yesterday and the doctors told her that it'd grown and that they'd have to cut it out. They told her it'd be nice and simple. They'd open her leg up, rip out her kneecap and the lump in one go and replace it with a nice bio-fake knee. Ew!

Christ! The girl's only in her late teens! That's some nasty shit. I'm beginning to feel that our family was a little ripped off in the genes department.

Hmmm, cancer suckles horse ass.
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