September 7th, 2003


Jill and Andy went and got married...

Yup, it happened yesterday, around 3pm, at a railway station in the heart of Derbyshire. Yes, that's right, I said railway station.

Where does a person start when trying to describe a wedding that mostly takes place on a train. 'Unusual' doesn't seem to do the affair any justice at all, whilst 'weird' seems overly harsh. I guess something midway between the two'll clinch it... something nice though.

Our car turned up at Alfreton Travelodge at a little after noon. We arrived to find Jill supping cava and running around in her underwear. This seemed to carry on for a good few hours and, somehow, I managed to resist the temptation of capturing the whole event on camera. Well, there were one or two shots *ahem* The least said there the better.

Taxis then shipped us all down to station and straight away I was pounced on by the scary wedding organiser type person and was boosted into my position as 'official wedding photographer'. It was totally nerve wracking stuff and I wish i'd had a bit more cava to help boost my confidence. There wasn't much time to stress though as the ceremony soon kicked into action and the flash bulbs soon followed. The day then turned into a mad blur of pointing and clicking and telling people to 'grimace for the camera'.

There were photos on the platform and then more as we boarded the train. We ate on the train as it meandered up to Swanick Junction and back again. All the time I was running up and down the train snapping happily at the unsuspecting diners. There was a short stop at Butterly whilst the family gave the speeches and the toasts and then it was back onto the train for more drinks.

I took a break at this point to enjoy some Foxes Nob; that's a rather agreeable bitter by the way, not a country practice involving anything untoward. After a fair few Nobs I set about catching up on the evenings happenings. There were some classic shots to be had! I really should've captured more shots in the disco carriage but every time I went in there I felt instantly nauseous. Possibly something to do with motion sickness and maddly spinning lights. Or, perchance, it was the fault of Nob indulgence.

Taxis soon had us all back at the Travelodge where we proceeded to wake the entire place up with our drunken antics. There were songs (a wedding's not a wedding without a few choruses of Monty Python songs), wine and a case of Stella which seemed to materialise from the ether. Needless to say we all got quite drunk.

All in all it was a cracking day and a rather relaxed affair. I enjoyed taking the photos but at 10am this morning as the hangover hit home I really wasn't looking forward to the editing. I've done about a third of the images so far but I won't be happy till they're all perfect. I can see it being a long night tonight. Anyways, until the galleries are ready here's a few samplers: