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The Malformed Musings of a Maligned Mind
... a book by RJ Brudenell
September 16th, 2003 
Hospitals are fun, aren't they? With their wacky colour schemes, offensive aroma and their hideous penchant for strip lighting. The parts combine to create a glorious whole. Or is that hole?

I spent a lot of time hanging around in corridors today as my gran was admitted at 9 this morning. She's an upsetting grey colour and has started to complain about pains in her stomach again. Little does she know that she's riddled with cancer. They suspect that it's eating into her bone now, so tomorrow they're going to blast her with radiotherapy to help with the pain.

Such a nasty green tinge about hospitals.
3:35 pm - Tough Call...
On Sunday I booked my ticket for Prague. It felt kinda good to be getting away for a while. On Monday my gran took ill again.

*eyes the sky* I'll give you points for the perfect comedy timing.

The hospital gave her six months after her operation back in January. I guess by that standard she's not doing too badly. She doesn't look up for the fight anymore though. You can see the pain on her face, yet she doesn't complain.

I'm supposed to be flying on Thursday.

[edit] I'm actually flying Saturday - plus I'm now the proud owner of one years world wide travel insurance. Yay, the world's my lobster...
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