September 28th, 2003



I just got home from Rock City. Kevan wanted to go out tonight and because I was poor he paid for my booze all night. Bless his little cotton socks. It turned out to be an all nighter, costing me £7 to get in, but after that it was pretty much free.

And what a night! I was stalked by some weird boy. He first saw me downstairs in Disco two, and later on at the bar upstairs. He was full on gawping at me, and then when I walked across the dance floor he rushed over and tried to stick his hand in my pocket! WTF!?

I think I upset him though. Is laughing at someone considered offensive? I mean, really. He walked past me and tried to maintain eye contact the whole way... O__o Watch out for the wall scary boy!! Oops, too late. Poor kid.

Anyways, I blame my new hair. It are black like coal, following an argument with some hair dye this afternoon. I'm still getting used to it but it makes my skin look extra dead-like... Yay!

Right, bedtime.