November 12th, 2003


Like Batman?

Do you lead a double life? Does the internet provide a place where you can be more 'you' than you'd actively dare to be in the real world?

I suppose that a faceless, untouchable persona does provide a platform to say things that we might not say face-to-face, but, I don't know, is the net really all that liberating?

The thing which sparked my curiosity was this article in The Onion. Now, I know it's The Onion, and I consumed my pinch of salt before allowing the words to absorb into my grey matter, but still, it made me think.

Personally, I don't find my 'self' acting too differently online or IRL. I really am this fucked up. But do the people in my life know exactly how fucked up I am?

I woke up the other morning and found my parents in the office. They shut down the computer screen when they saw me and tried to act blasé. Turns out that they'd been looking at my site, and, for some reason, they tried to hide that fact from me. I found this a little disconcerting.

I don't actually mind that my parents read my site. After all, it's public domain, and it's very easily search-able. But why would my parents act so strangely about what they had read? We're an open family, oftentimes painfully blunt, so I'm guessing they already know about most of the things I write here. So why the clandestine activity?

Again, this got me thinking. What if your parents or friends found your online persona. How do you think they'd react? Would they recognise you, or would they have to re-write their mental profile of your character; and, more importantly, would you care?

I remember talking to Rach about this once. She said that she was thinking of starting up an anonymous blog because of certain authority figures knowing of her sites existence. She said she didn't like it. And who can blame her. Did you read the story about Michael Hanscom? Scary stuff when you think about it.

Anyways, I'm off to scour my site for incriminating evidence... Although I think I removed all of the pictures of that rent-boy and the flan... ;P