January 4th, 2004



I've been on the phone to Loretta for the past hour or so. It's amazing how quickly time flies by; one minute she's pregnant and the next her daughter's coming up to 18 months old. Has it really been two years since finishing Uni? Have I really been out of the loop that long?

We were talking about how strange it is going back to work when you've not given it any thought for well over a year. Although our circumstances are at opposite ends of a very broad spectrum the outcome is pretty much the same. We're both wondering how to get started again. Not only getting started but grasping hold of the threads of what we used to do.

My art was about Time. But I'm having trouble remembering how I got from the concept to the application. I had it all sorted out once. I knew exactly how I'd moved from thought into physical form. I even went in Angela's school and gave talks about it. But, I don't know, it seems to have faded from my head.

I've been looking back over some of my old sketchbooks and trying to find those threads of thought, but to no avail. It's almost as though there's a mental block. Some over-riding thought that's stopping me reaching my goal.

My work looks alien to me. I can't remember making it and I can't remember the processes behind it. It's a very odd feeling.

Oh, well, ignore me. I'm just thinking out loud.