January 8th, 2004


[ I own a monkey and her name is fate ]

A long time ago in a portion of cyberspace far, far away there was a place I used to call home. Whilst I was there I got to know lots of interesting people but when I uprooted and moved away I lost contact with all of them. End of story... but that'd be a pretty shitty story, right.

No, this story took a break for a while. It started again when rottensick came waltzing back into my life. I was quite shocked by that. Someone who I hadn't heard from in years randomly turned up in my journal one day. A journal on a site that she couldn't have possibly known about... weird, huh.

She's on my friends list if you fancy going to stare at her. A friends list which, as luck would have it, I happened to be scanning through today when, in the journal of one mslazarus, I read a line which made me smile. I checked the comments and noticed that the person who wrote it seemed a tad familiar. But surely it couldn't be... no, that'd be far too much of a freakish coinkydink.

You see, merely days ago I happened to be hunting through CD backups of various websites i've made over the years when I ran across this image:

I briefly recalled the guy who sent it to me and I pondered, albeit briefly, what had become of him.

Can you see where i'm going with this yet? Yup, that's right. The person who wrote the line which made me smile was someone I knew. They very someone responsible for the image above. Someone with whom i've shared many a scary email and then... lost touch.

But surely that chances of re-encountering one such person is pretty much mind-shattering but meeting two. That's ... just plain wrong. Yet it seems to have happened. Despite the strange number of steps involved.

This internet malarky is shaping up to be a very strange affair. I do believe it is a tool of the Devil. We should burn it. Promptly.
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