February 1st, 2004


Kevan's birthday

We went to Leicester tonight. To someplace calling itself 'Leicester Square' if my memory serves... which, given the cocktail of beer, red wine, whiskey and vodka, i'm doubting very much. But it sounds about right and, after all, what do you care? I could claim that i'd been in a club called 'Monkey Flange Spanner' and you wouldn't be any the wiser...

Anyways. Kevan's Birthday. I delivered the present of Tesco value range wine glasses accompanied by a dirt cheap bottle of red, which was consumed with much haste whilst we destroyed Osaka with Godzilla based goodness.

Driving then ensued and within a short space of time we were in Leicester... which was pretty dirty but overall quite good fun.

I'd like to say that tonight was made especially charming by the presence of two beautiful ladies; but i'm afraid that i'd be lying... quite badly. Although I must admit that Sophie and Shavenass did make the night a bit more interesting...

Regardless, don't take my drunken word for it! Enjoy the night for your very self in this picture based dialogue!

Yes, I know the pictures are shit! But given the fact that i'm eating cold kebab meat (sorry, I know I promised I wouldn't) I don't think that it really matters all that much does it.

I'll wake up in the morning feeling shitty, and smelling like i've performed oral sex on a corpse, and i'll have no recollection of even typing this. So it doesn't matter what I write. Fantastic!

Hell, whilst i'm waiting for the photos to upload I may as well post the Birthday card I made him:

Isn't that spanky-dandy! I'm so the talented artist... i'm also quite bored now so I think i'll fuck off.

Awww, poor Stijmonkey! He's got to be up in three hours time... *bless* cheers muchly for the ride ;)

Right, passing out time... Xx